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About Tech Prep

About Tech Prep

For more than 25 years, Ohio College Tech Prep has been serving Ohio’s students.  Jointly administered by the Ohio Department of Education and Ohio Department of Higher Education.

Tech Prep’s three goals are:

  • To build and foster relationships between secondary and post-secondary education partners with business and industry
  • Develop career pathways and programs of study for students
  • Provide at no cost, valuable technical information to all stakeholders

Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education:

  • The work that Ohio College Tech Prep does to create partnerships is one of Ohio’s Strategic Plan Three Core Principles and directly impacts all of Ohio’s students.
  • These linkages directly affect Ohio’s “One Goal” of increasing opportunities for students immediately following high school graduation 

This year, the six Tech Prep Regions were realigned to match the Jobs Ohio Regions.  This strategy has allowed for greater synergy between education partners and business and industry.  As part of the New Skills For Youth Grant, six regional SuccessBound Conferences were hosted by the Tech Prep Regional Centers.  These conferences brought together over one-thousand business, industry, education, community, students, and government partners along with state and local agencies to collaborate and create new work-based learning opportunities for Ohio’s students. 

Tech Prep is also the direct link to create in-demand career pathways and programs of study for Ohio’s students.  In 2018, Ohio College Tech Prep created:

  • 1754 programs of study and career pathways for students.  The 30 Tech Prep Regional Center Staff at 25 colleges are the direct link to post-secondary opportunity for students
  • Ohio’s students have access to over 2308 post-secondary articulation agreements that can be used in conjunction with their College Credit Plus credits.  By earning college credits, students are able to graduate sooner, save time and money, and transition quicker to employment, filling Ohio’s high-need, in-demand careers, benefitting Ohio’s economy
  • Tech Prep staff further serve as the link between 676 districts, 91 Career-Technical Planning Districts, 23 community colleges, and 14 universities

The statewide Tech Prep network encompasses extensive levels of expertise and access to shared resources at no cost to districts or students:

  • This year Tech Prep hosted and facilitated over 352 events and workshops that benefited Ohio’s students. 
  • These events and workshops involved 24,414 students and 5324 education and business and industry partners. 
  • The six regional centers provide technical assistance in the areas of student transition to post-secondary opportunity, partner linkages to education and employers, guidance on programming and compliance, and serve as the direct liaison between districts and ODE and ODHE.