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Ohio College Tech Prep Related News

Ohio College Tech Prep Related News

  • Building and fostering relationships between education, business and community partners in the region.
  • Assisting education partners in the region in developing high-quality career technical education pathways and programs of study.
  • Providing universal technical assistance to partners in the region on related career services topics.

April 2023

CTE Coffee Chats – May 31

Join us for a one-hour virtual discussion as we talk about hot topics within Career and Technical Education.  These sessions are a collaborative effort between Ohio College Tech Prep and the State Support Team.

Time: 9:00a.m. - 10:00a.m.

Where:  Virtual


May 31, 2023  

Click here to register  

Perkins Annual Update and Funding Application 

The Office of CTE has released information about the process for updating Local Applications in ED STEPS on the website. The process involves an update of Fiscal Year 2024 Action Steps and allocation of budget. The AFS unit will hold virtual meetings to discuss and answer questions: 

The Annual Update of the Perkins Local Application in ED STEPS is due by June 15, 2023.  Please note that the Department expects to upload local allocations to the Comprehensive Continuous Improvement Plan (CCIP) no later than April 15, 2023.

Business Foundations can be offered as required Financial Literacy credit

The Office of Career-Technical Education and the Office of Learning & Instructional Strategies have announced a change to previous guidance regarding the graduation requirement for one-half credit of financial literacy.  Business Foundations (EMIS) subject code 141000) can now be used for students taking the one-half credit financial literacy course that can satisfy either an elective of mathematics graduation requirement.  This code can only be used for students who take the course with an educator licensed to teach Career-Technical Education Business Career Field courses.  It is the responsibility of the district to ensure the academic content standards and model curriculum for financial literacy the State Board of Education in 2019 are embedded within the instruction of this course.  Please refer to the Financial Literacy Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

NEW and Renewed CTAGs for 2023-24

Career-Technical Assurance Guides (CTAGs) award college credit for career-technical coursework taken in high school or at a career-technical institution. Students are eligible to earn college credit at an Ohio public college or university if they have completed approved career-technical courses in high school or at an Ohio Technical Center.  As part of the Business, Finance and Marketing Career Field Content Standards and Course Outlines review, the following CTAGs have been approved or renewed starting with the 2023-2024 academic year.

  • Financial Accounting*
  • Legal Environment of Business*
  • Logistics Management
  • Managerial Accounting*
  • Medical Office Management
  • Office Management
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Entrepreneurship
  • Supply Chain Management Technology

*Denotes NEW CTAG

Career-Technical Awareness Marketing Campaign - Feedback Needed!

The Department is working with Singleton & Partners to develop a statewide career-technical education marketing campaign. To gather feedback for local market research, Singleton & Partners has developed surveys to gauge current awareness of the benefits of career-technical education.  Districts and schools are encouraged to share the surveys with their staff, students and families via email distribution lists, social media, school message boards, business advisory councils and by any other means deemed appropriate by the school. Educators can use the information in this document to invite the school community to participate in the survey.  The surveys close April 21.  Each audience can access the surveys directly at the following links:

Arts & Communication and Information Technology Career Field Technical Content Standards: Feedback Survey Available!
This year, the Ohio Department of Education is reviewing and revising the technical content standards for the Arts and Communication and Information Technology career field pathways.  The Ohio Department of Education has designed a survey to help gather the evaluations and opinions of our stakeholders. Experts in the career field are called upon to help ensure that the students of Ohio are provided with the very best training possible to prepare them for success in their careers. Please take the time to review the survey to provide this valuable feedback!  Please contact Kris Vigneron, Arts and Communication and Information Technology Education Program Specialist, with additional questions.

Assessment System Update: WebXam releasing end-of-course WebXam test scores in preliminary file week of May 8, 2023

The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) and the Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) are improving students’ chances of receiving postsecondary statewide guaranteed articulated Career-Technical Assurance Guide transfer credit by sharing end-of-course WebXam test scores earlier with Ohio’s Information Technology Centers (ITCs).

In Spring 2023, CETE will distribute end-of-course WebXam test scores to ITCs for all tests taken prior to April 21, 2023, including field tests, in a preliminary file the week of May 8, 2023. Districts shall be able to report WebXam test scores in the Career Tech Accountability Assessment Collection (Fiscal Year 2023) (2023ACTSP) upon receipt of the preliminary file.

CETE will distribute a second and final file the week of June 16, 2023, to ITCs for all tests taken during the 2022-2023 school year. Schools shall be able to report all WebXam test scores upon receipt of the final file.

However, to guarantee students receive their transfer credits when enrolling at public higher education institutions prior to scheduling courses we need your help. The steps are quick and simple:

  1. Ensure all final student, course, and staff reporting is accurate.
  2. Submit WebXam scores in EMIS as early in the assessment period as possible, so public colleges and universities can confirm that your students received scores that qualify them for Credit.

By completing the aforementioned steps students whose transcripts include their Statewide Student Identifiers and who have met the conditions for transfer credit will be flagged for credit in the Higher Education Information (HEI) system. Students may grant permission to their college or university to post their earned credits by completing an end-of-test student acknowledgment survey in WebXam.

Your efforts will empower students with transfer credits to make informed decisions about their futures. These statewide guaranteed transfer credits save your students and their families both time and the costs of repeating courses.

Field Tests for Transportation Systems

Transportation Systems tests (including tests cross-listed in non-Transportation Pathways) are being field-tested this year. These newly written item banks are aligned with the updated content standards for the Transportation Career Field. Field Tests are significantly longer than other WebXam tests. Please plan for additional testing time. In addition, field tests must be taken before April 21, 2023. Please note that students who are retaking assessments in Transportation Systems must take the field test. Students cannot take an old version of the assessment and should prepare for assessments based on the latest version of the assessment.  Please keep in mind that this includes 177013 Aviation (TA, F6 pathways) and 177024 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (TA, A0, A5, A6, B1, B2, C5, DD, DF, F6, N0, N1, P1, P6 pathways).  Please refer to the WebXam Calendar for other important testing dates.

Updated Test Retake Policy

Students graduating in the current academic year and intending to use the WebXam Graduation Option may retake Field-Tested WebXam Assessments one time after the assessment's forms have been finalized by the Target for Field Test Finalization date on the WebXam Calendar. Only graduating students who have taken a field-tested assessment in the cu rent academic year will be allowed to retake the finalized assessment that year.

Baking and Pastry Arts Performance Assessment

In order to earn college credit under the new CTAN developed by ODHE in Baking and Pastry Arts, students must complete the performance assessment this year. The assessment will ask students to follow a standardized pastry recipe to demonstrate their practical baking skills.  In October 2020, instructors produced a checklist to assess students on each phase of the cooking process. In addition, they created a rubric to evaluate the quality of the final product. These materials were validated through a survey sent to all current Baking & Pastry Arts instructors. After piloting the performance assessment, we are field testing the performance assessment on all students enrolled in the course this school year.

Item Writing for Agricultural and Environmental Systems in 2023-2024

Are you an instructor for any of the courses in the Agricultural and Environmental Systems career field? We will be item-writing for this in 2023-2024. If you are interested in participating, please email us at and we will be in touch as we begin preparations for the item-writing year.



Equity for Each Grant Open for Applications in CCIP April 1 - May 15, 2023

The Office uses the Perkins V reserve fund for the Equity for Each competitive grant. This competitive grant assists recipients and the Department in identifying and promoting promising practices for improving equity in CTE delivery.  Grants range from $25,000 to $200,000 and must be used towards improving data-identified “equity gaps” in local enrollment, engagement, performance and outcomes for students in special populations as defined in Perkins V legislation.  For more information on the Equity for Each competitive grant, please contact


Pam Hunt, Chief Administrator, Sinclair College -

Deb Holthaus, Coordinator, Edison State -